Vol. 16 No. 1 (2013): catastrophe

Edited by Josephine Taylor, Kylie Stevenson, Amanda Gardiner, and John Ryan
Published: 2013-03-27
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  • Overturning the Sudden End: New Interpretations of Catastrophe

    Josephine Taylor, Kylie Stevenson, Amanda Gardiner, John Charles Ryan


  • Articulating Everyday Catastrophes: Reflections on the Research Literacies of Lorri Neilsen

    Lekkie Hopkins
  • The Loseable World: Resonance, Creativity, and Resilience

    Lorri Neilsen Glenn


  • Casualties on the Road to Ethical Authenticity

    Kate Rice
  • Writing with an Ear to the Ground: The Armenian Genocide's "Stubborn Murmur"

    Marcella Kathleen Polain
  • The Catastrophe of Childhood Rape: Traversing the Landscape between Private Memory and Public Performance

    Brenda Downing, Alice Cummins
  • Diminutive Catastrophe: Clown’s Play

    Maggi Phillips
  • Creativity in an Online Community as a Response to the Chaos of a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

    Cynthia Witney, Lelia Green, Leesa Costello, Vanessa Bradshaw
  • Disaster and Renewal: The Praxis of Shock in the Surrealist City Novel

    Ella Mudie
  • The Upside of Down: Disaster and the Imagination 50 Years On

    Michael Levine, William Taylor
  • New Orleans: A Disaster Waiting to Happen?

    Rod Giblett
  • Tsunami Waves of Destruction: The Creation of the “New Australian Catastrophe”

    Dale Dominey-Howes
  • FireWatch: Creative Responses to Bushfire Catastrophes

    Donell Joy Holloway, Lelia Green, Danielle Brady